Reactivation of internal and receptive tourism in Bolivia generates a movement of Bs 2,953 MM

Reactivación del turismo interno y receptivo de Bolivia genera un movimiento de Bs 2.953 MM

A agosto del presente año se registra un flujo de 403.222 visitantes internacionales, respecto al turismo receptivo.

El Salar de Uyuni, una de las locaciones elegidas por los turistas. Foto: Archivo

Between January and August of this administration, the tourism sector in the country highlighted a movement of more than Bs 736 million in internal tourism and Bs 2,217 million in receptive tourism, due to the policies promoted by the Government of economic and productive reactivation, and promotion and incentive to tourism.

During this period, the country produced more than 1.4 million people, between Bolivians and Bolivians, who visited different tourist places, which generated an economic movement of Bs 736 million in internal tourism, which represents an annual growth rate. of 16.8%.

The economic redistribution by structure of internal tourist spending contributes to the reconstruction of the productive apparatus. In the first half of this year, more than Bs 191 million (26%) were allocated to the food sector, according to data from the Ministry of Productive Development.

To lodgings Bs 155 million (21%); a transport Bs 147 million (20%); to recreational activities Bs 103 million (14%); handicrafts, souvenirs and minor purchases Bs 66 million (9%); communication services Bs 52 million (7%); and tourist services Bs 22 million (3%).

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Receptive tourism received the visit of 403,222 tourists who generated an estimated movement of Bs 2,217 million, which represents an increase of 450% compared to the same period in 2021, which received that of some 89,000 foreigners.

However, according to the projections of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), as of December 2022, in the best scenario for Bolivia, it shows a projected tourist flow of just over 507,516 foreign tourists visiting the country.

However, as of August of this year, a flow of 403,222 international visitors was registered, regarding receptive tourism, despite the fact that the borders of other neighboring countries continued to be closed during the first months of this management.

The positive figures for the tourism sector are due to government policies that, in April of this year, ordered new epidemiological surveillance measures against COVID-19, to facilitate the entry of tourists into the country.

The presentation of a complete vaccination card or PCR test or nasal test with a negative result is determined as requirements for your visit.

Within this framework, the tourism sector contributes to economic reactivation, towards industrialization with import substitution, which prioritizes the development of the most modern and dynamic branches of the economy.

This policy promotes internal, community and external tourism, whose objective is to promote tourism in the country based on its natural and cultural diversity, promoting entrepreneurship, private initiative and strategic alliances.

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